Rental Space

Our services to the community include rentals of a range of spaces in our two buildings: the front building, which includes Transfiguration Church, and the adjoining Community Building. Rental arrangements range from one-time special events to long-term lease arrangements for community organizations. Spaces available include the following:

  • Transfiguration Church, our primary worship space
  • Transfiguration Chapel, our smaller worship space
  • Social Hall, our primary space for medium- to large-sized gatherings
  • Community Building main room, a secondary space for hosting medium- to large-sized gatherings
  • a number of classrooms, meeting rooms and office spacesĀ 
  • Outdoor worship area/firepit

Great location – on New Hampshire Ave, just south of the ICC/Rt 200

Ample parking – over 75 parking spaces, plus additional on street parkingĀ 

For more information or to schedule a showing, please contact Dianne in the Church Office at 301-384-6264 (phone) or Thank you for your interest!