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July 12, 2019

The announcement  for our new Rector remained open for approximately five weeks, and closed on May 7th.  We received applications from some very promising candidates, and these applications showed that the applicants had prayerfully and carefully read the parish profile  the Search Committee developed with your input.

The Search Committee has completed the initial application screening and will soon begin interviews with applicants who will move forward in the discernment process.  After interviews are completed teams from the Search Committee will visit the parish of each applicant who is being considered.

The Search Committee will be very busy this summer! As this process continues, let us all work to make Transfiguration the best place to worship and demonstrate through our actions that we are followers of Christ. 

Please remember to continue to include the work of the Search Committee and those who apply to lead us in the future in your prayers. 


May 9, 2019 -

We are excited to announce that our opening for a new Rector went “live” on the Office of Transition Ministries and Episcopal Diocese of Washington websites during the second and third weeks of April! 


All Transition Ministers throughout the Episcopal Church received our announcement. In addition, Rev. Paula Clark, who guides and assists parishes in the search process, presented Transfiguration’s search at the Transition Ministry Conference in late March, and Rev. Clark  continues to advocate for us. 


The Search Committee has received some applications and we have begun our reviews. During the remaining phases of the search process, all information about applicants must remain confidential. Future updates can only inform about when the process has moved to the next step.  


We are now in the Discernment phase of the transition process described by the Diocese. Steps in this phase include reviewing application materials, telephone and/or video interviews, parish visits, consultation with the Bishop, and more. The time estimated to complete the Discern phase is four months, which could mean it will be the end of September when the Search Committee completes their work and sends recommended final candidates to the Vestry.


Please remember to include the work of the Search Committee and those who apply to lead us in the future in your prayers.  

October 15, 2019



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