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Giving is a great gift that we give not only to God but to ourselves for the sake of promoting the gospel at Transfiguration. Each of us is asked to make an annual pledge to the general operation budget of the church.  This budget takes care of salaries, our basic bills (like phone, gas, lights), the things we need to operate the church (tech devices, toilet paper, keys, light bulbs…the list is endless), the various ministries, our marketing, the events we offer, music and instrument tuning….  It is important that the vestry know how to count not only the cost of our ministry but be aware of what money is available to pay for these line items.  Your pledge helps us count the cost and budget accordingly. Your pledge also says something important about you and your relationship to both God and ministry in this place. The biblical tithe is always recommended.  Some give more and some give less. All should strive to make our pledges our first fruits for God and not the leftovers. Please take time to look at your personal budget, consider what percentage of your net income you would like to pledge to God through the agency of Transfiguration, and click on the button below to make your pledge of thanksgiving and hope. 
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The Rector’s Discretionary Fund

Contribute financially to the mission and ministry of the church by allowing the rector to have funds necessary to take of those folks who appear at our doorstep in crisis or with a special need.  Often the rector is called upon to give money for food, gas, a light bill or to help with a special ministry or mission project. Please consider a gift to this fund.
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Service and Outreach Projects

One of our service projects that has an ongoing life is our pledge to care for Mauda and Evelyn, the little girls we have been sponsoring at Our Little Roses in Honduras. These little girls depend on us for their tuition and board and love it when we can gift them at Christmas and on their birthdays. Other projects we are involved in include gifts of money to buy school supplies for children in need, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets of food for families to use in their celebrations, donations to C-4, and AIM which help people in our community in a variety of ways, and special gifts beyond our own gifts to places like Food for the Poor. We are fortunate that we have a Thrift Shop which allows us to do a hands on ministry which helps people not only in our community but which helps people in other countries as our goods are sent on to fulfill needs of those around the world. If you would like to give to a specific service ministry, that will be a blessing to all concerned.

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Visually, we love seeing nature blossoming forth on our altar; aurally, we love hearing the instruments and voices that raise us up to the highest mountain of devotion.  We have been gifted by CHAD who is giving us our weekly altar flowers in exchange for an ad in our bulletins. However, nearly every week someone gives to upgrade the altar flowers in honor or remembrance of someone else. That is a true blessing.  Moreover, we have additional flowers on special holidays like Christmas and Easter and Pentecost (or when the bishop comes). 
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Special Music

Music helps make our church “sensation-al.” On high holy days we often engage additional musicians to bring a celebratory note to our music.  We also enjoy doing special music which costs to purchase and then to bring it to life. Your gift here helps with those lovelies. Such a gift is a blessing to all of our members and to our guests.
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Gifts of God for the People of God: 

Kitchen and Toiletry Supplies

This past year we instituted our “Gifts of the Godly” program, allowing us to bring in toiletries and paper towels and plates and coffee and creamer and all those things that make us a happy church home.  People have been awesome at bring in-kind donations.  But it is always good to have a slush fund for those moments when we know we are out of coffee but don’t have a clear idea of who might be bringing that in.  If you would like to contribute to this fund, all the angels will sing.
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Buildings & Grounds

We attempt to put money away for those big purchases that are always on the horizon, but often that money gets spent on mundane things—like new HVAC systems as ours age out one at a time. In 2018, we were able to replace the flooring in our community building through an grant from the diocese. We also replaced the church roof through an insurance claim. In the future, we are looking to renovate the Community Building to include more energy efficient windows, insulation and central air conditioning.  If you would like to give above and beyond your pledge to this fund, we give you thanks for you loving generosity.
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Planned Giving

Sometimes we can help our churches by one time gifts, life-income gifts such as charitable gift annuities, and inclusion in our wills.  If you would like someone to talk with you about such a gift, please give the rector a call and she will get you the information you need.






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