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Montgomery Interfaith Community's Walk!

The area that Transfiguration Episcopal Church is located in has been named "The Highway to Heaven".  That is because of the extremely high number, and great variety of faiths that have places of worship in the area. In a short, approximately 2 mile, stretch of New Hampshire Ave. or just around a corner from it, there are over 20 places of worship. In 2017 these places of faith decided to do a biannual Interfaith Community Walk. Some of the purposes of the walk were to:

1) introduce the community to the variety of faiths present in their midst, places they pass, may have wondered about, but most likely wouldn't enter without an invitation

2) get the different faiths to learn more about each other

3) learn the different ways in which each of us support the communities and where we might support/grow those missions and better serve the commuity.


Despite bad weather the walk was a success, with a higher than expected number of people participating.  Thanks also goes to Montgomery County for all it's assistance in traffic control, etc. 






Empower the Homeless Walk!

 Empower the Homeless is Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington’s annual campaign to personally engage the reality of homelessness. There are five goals:


  • To “see” and meet our neighbors who are homeless.
  • To understand the plight of the homeless – how homelessness dehumanizes adults, puts children at risk, and poisons our community.
  • To build a collaborative community of people of good will who dare to vision a time when no one will be homeless in Greater Washington.
  • To demonstrate how Samaritan Ministry’s Next Step Program is an effective way to provide a “hand up” to our neighbors who suffer homelessness.
  • To raise financial resources to provide a compassionate and committed response to women and men who suffering homelessness and other life-threatening conditions.




VoyttoTech: a scifi fable on bullying 

InterAct Story Theatre's Home is here at Transfiguration.  They bring the joys and lessons that can be taught thru theatre to children in schools, libraries, and theatres.





September 27, 2021


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