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Celebrating Pentecostpentecost cover pic 2013

What if the Church threw a party and nobody came?

Pentecost is one of the church’s great feast days. It recalls the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and other early followers of Jesus.

My childhood church didn’t make a big deal of the day, but we did read the lessons from Acts.

Even though they were praying in the story, I always imagined the scene more like coffee hour, a big room filled with dozens of different conversations, kids running around parents’ legs, playing impromptu tag. Some loud talkers pivot in one corner, whispers in another, laughter mixed with gossip and prayer concerns. Suddenly rushing wind and tongues of fire sweep through the room, and this cacophony becomes coherent. People start to understand each other in new ways – and like the disciples, become emboldened to go out and tell the story of the risen Christ.

It's a pretty amazing story with so much to teach and challenge. But it seems Pentecost too often slips in like another event at the end of the school year, somewhere on par with graduation Sunday and church school cookout.

Pentecost should be a big deal – or at least, a bigger deal than most of us make it.

For us, this Pentecost will be a day when we will wear the flaming red of the Holy Spirit.  We will say the Lord’s Prayer in all the languages of the congregation, and we will move the celebration of the Eucharist closer to the people, right upon them, a kind of surprise for all those gathered —-just saying...




January 22, 2018



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