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"...where Christ is, cheerfulness will keep breaking in."

Dorothy Sayer



Most of our Acolytes are young people grades 3 -12. Recently after hearing that there were adults who were interested in serving we began to offer opportunities for adult teams.
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Altar Guild

Participation in our Altar Guild can provide a wealth of blessings. Altar Guild ministers have an opportunity for both quiet reflection and meditation as they prepare the altar, as well as great fellowship as they work together in teams.
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Does the ministry of reading at services appeal to you? If so, then serving as a Lector might be for you.
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Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMS)

Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve in a variety of ways. They administer communion at the altar, and they take communion to those who are shut in. They read scripture, lead the prayers, and stand ready to serve in any capacity necessary at the altar. This is a licensed lay position.

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Music & Drama

Do you have a love for the arts, singing, an instrument, or drama? We’d love combine your gifts with ours to use these special talents to enrich our services. 

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Ushering is a great way to greet, guide, help and get to know people.

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Worship & Liturgy Commission

The Worship Commission meets first Sundays at 9:15 a.m. in the parish hall. All members of the parish are invited to participate and give input into future services.

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PURPOSE/GOALS: When serving at the altar, one is doing just this: actively assisting the celebrant in the worship of God. This is an important ministry and should be approached with dignity, humility, and care. In all things, the server must be aware that the purpose in assisting at the altar is “that God may be glorified.”

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Acolytes are assigned to a three person team which consists of a Crucifer, a Senior Server, and a Junior Server. The team is led by the Crucifer, and each member of the team has specific duties and responsibilities to perform during the service. Some of those duties, and how they are performed, are age-old. Others have been adjusted to meet the needs of modern worship services, the traditions of the parish, and the particular priest celebrating and therefore in charge of the service. Teams are assigned to serve at the altar on a rotating schedule at least once per month. In addition, acolyte teams are assigned for special services for Holy Days and celebrations.

MEETING LOCATION/TIMES: Training for acolytes is an ongoing activity. As a group we meet twice a year to discuss roles and responsibilities and to talk about any changes that may have taken place in serving at the altar.

CONTACT: Bill Freeman, Acolyte Director

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Altar Guild

PURPOSE / GOALS: Provide for the suitable furnishing, decorating, and adornment of the altar, and to take due and reverent care of its appointments.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Prepare for weekly worship services of the church (as outlined in the Altar Guild Manual); and maintain the altar area (Sanctuary and Chancel) and work/storage rooms (Sacristy and Flower Sacristy) in a neat and clean condition.

MEETING LOCATION / TIMES: The time commitment for this program is approximately one weekend per month - one hour on Saturday to prepare for Sunday, and a half hour on Sunday morning to set up.

CONTACT: Karen Facen, Chair

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PURPOSE / GOALS: Participating in the Eucharist or service as a member of the congregation, by reading specifically appointed scriptures.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Lectors usually read the first lesson of the day. For special services, such as Tenebrae in Holy Week, and the Festival of Carols and Lessons during the Advent season, Lectors are assigned to read specially selected lessons.
Volunteers for participation in the program are sought from time to time; however, individuals who enjoy reading the scriptures and have a desire to be a part of this ministry are encouraged to make this interest known to the Head Lector, or communicating the desire to the Rector.

MEETING LOCATION / TIMES: While no regularly scheduled meetings are conducted, it is expected that new lectors will go through a training exercise initially with the head lector and later at the annual ministry retreat.

CONTACT: Sten Maulsby, Head Lector

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Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMS)

PURPOSE / GOALS: The mission of the Licensed Lay Eucharistic Ministers of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration is to assist the clergy in:

  • aiding in the distribution of The Holy Communion
  • reading of The Scriptures
  • assisting in the liturgy

All LEMs must be licensed by the Bishop of the Washington Diocese and work directly under the supervision of the Rector as provided for in the Canons of the Episcopal Church. LEMs may also be licensed to perform other duties, including (but not limited to):

  • Lay Eucharistic Visitor, authorized to take the Consecrated Elements to members of the congregation who are ill and unable to be present at The Holy Communion
  • Lay Preacher, authorized to preach under the direction of the Rector
  • Lay Leader, authorized to lead services such as morning or evening prayer

MEETING LOCATION / TIMES:LEMs are scheduled, on a rotational basis, to serve at the 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Sunday services, and other special services as determined by the Rector. LEMs may also be called on to assist at weddings, funerals and other services as deemed necessary.

When needed, a meeting may be called by the Rector. A one-day training retreat is scheduled annually.

CONTACT: Toni Thompson

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Music & Drama

The Joyful Noise Choir

PURPOSE / GOALS: Enhancement of the worship experience by leading the singing of the designated hymns, anthems, psalms, and the sung liturgical responses.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Perform as a vocal soloist or as part of the ensemble in the singing of music appointed for each church service. This activity requires regular participation in scheduled rehearsals to assure familiarity with the music, and the specific parts sung by individual choir members.

No special talent, other than the ability to "carry a tune" is required for membership in the adult choir. People of all ages and experience are welcome to sing with this choir.
MEETING LOCATION / TIMES: Rehearsals are held Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in the Joy classroom of the Community Building.

The Youth Choir
The Youth Choir meets when they are doing a special presentation such as the Christmas musical or a pageant or a special song. Those times are scheduled as needed, but all children ages 5 and up are welcome to be a part of this choir. Our teens are invited to be a part of both this choir and the Joyful Noise choir.

CONTACT: Mother Meg

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PURPOSE / GOALS: Assisting worshipers in observing church protocols that are in place to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to achieving individual as well as the corporate worship objectives.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Ushers assist worshipers in seating to assure their comfort and convenience during services; assure that those entering after services have commenced are not disruptive and are minimally distracting. They are also responsible for collecting the offerings during services and securing them prior to counting. Ushers provide the tally of attendees for the official church attendance record, and assist in presenting the Eucharistic elements during the Offertory. Other activities are performed in accordance with the Usher Manual.

MEETING LOCATION / TIMES: Ushers are not required to attend scheduled meetings. There are two distinct usher teams one assigned to the regularly scheduled Sunday 8:00 a.m. services, and the other to the 10:15 a.m. services. Ushers are assigned to serve on a rotating schedule, in pairs at 8:00 a.m., and as part of assigned teams at 10:15 a.m. In addition, Ushers assist in special services for the Holy Days; e.g. Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter Vigil,, and for occasional services; e.g. Christian Unity, Absalom Jones celebration, and for funerals.
CONTACT: Steve Van Albert Head Usher (10:15 a.m.)
Charlene Blaine Head Usher (8:00 a.m.)

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Worship & Liturgy Commission

PURPOSE / GOALS: The mission of the Worship Commission is to consult with the Rector – to plan and enhance community worship of God as the center of parish life.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: The members are asked to:

  • Consciously observe the parish’s worship with an eye to improving it
  • Oversee the yearly cycle of worship, including the Advent through Epiphany cycle, the Lenten period with its additional services and symbols, as well as the Easter through Pentecost celebrations
  • Monitor the use of music in the parish so that it continually reflects the diversity of the parish
  • Assist the representatives of each of the major worship organizations in discharging their responsibilities. They include Lectors, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Choir, Altar Guild, Acolytes, and Ushers.

Parishioners with a passion for any or all of these aspects of worship are invited to join the Commission or attend any of the meetings

 MEETING LOCATION /TIMES: Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month, except during the summer, in the church library or in the church parish hall. Meetings begin at 9:15 a.m., and end at approximately 10:00 a.m. All heads of or liaisons to the various worship committees are expected to attend this meeting. Everyone in the parish is invited to these meetings and may voice their opinions concerning upcoming liturgical events.

CONTACT: Mother Meg 

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