Lay Leaders

The Transfiguration Parish enjoys the dedicated services of clergy, staff members and volunteers who help fulfill our mission. They include:



Vestry Leader

Leadership Partner

Christian Education
  (Pre-K thru Adult)
Mary Ellen Flynn
Youth Program Marvin Arthur
Fellowship Hyacinth Fray Ladi Grey-Coker
Buildings & Grounds Roger Petzold (Dianne Atkins)*
Special Functions & Congregation Care Eva Okine & Lillian Omaboe
Marketing Laurette LeGendre  (Dianne Atkins)*
Mission Strategy Team Moses Talowye
Stewardship Micheael Betteridge


Technology and Communication

(Dianne Atkins)*

Worship Lois Manderson
Administration and Personnel Sr. Warden, Kathy Berry Roger Petzold, Jr. Warden
* denotes staff assisting










Building and Grounds Committee

Our motto is:
Many hands make light work and provide great fellowship in the process.


This essential committee, which is sponsored by the Stewardship Committee, operates, maintains and ensures the security of the physical plant, land, and property owned by the Church. The committee provides "stewardship" for our physical facility and possessions.

We welcome handy and willing men, women and children to perform small, skilled and unskilled jobs around the church properties. In addition to helpers, we also seek volunteers who can organize and champion larger tasks as they arise. Schedule is flexible! Choose your tasks, work at your own pace, at a time that is convenient for you, work alone or with others. Examples include:

  • Relamping of interior and exterior lights
  • Painting, sign installation and repair
  • Small electrical repair
  • Carpentry – fix a pew, repair paneling, adjust a wood door or hardware
  • Small plumbing – fix a washer, clean out a trap, etc.
  • Gardening/flower planting and weeding, shrub trimming
  • Masonry work and parking lot repairs

Meetings: The Junior Warden calls quarterly meetings to plan, prioritize, budget, and monitor activities. He also must respond to frequent unexpected developments that occur.


Communications: Within the committee, communications are made via email, telephone calls and in-person conversations at weekly services.


Activities and Events: Facility maintenance and enhancement is an active, ongoing process that requires extensive volunteerism.


Spring and Fall Cleanup Days:
Pick from a list of tasks suited to individual talents as well as time availability. Jobs during these cleanup days include: outside work, cleanup, and beautifying our gardens, trees and shrubs. There is also complete maintenance on the parking lot, church and community buildings as well as inside work in the office, parish hall and sanctuary area.

Unscheduled weather-related activities also occur. Volunteer crews are needed to shovel snow and salt walks and steps after a snowfall.


Building and Grounds Committee Contacts

Roger Petzold, Junior Warden





PURPOSE / GOALS: The mission of the Worship Commission is to consult with the Rector – to plan and enhance community worship of God as the center of parish life.

MEETING LOCATION  / TIMES:  Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month at 9:15 in the parish hall.


CONTACT INFORMATION: Send an email to:  Lois Manderson

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES:  The members are asked to:

  • Consciously observe the parish’s worship with an eye to improving it
  • Seek out the concerns of members of the parish in regard to what is done in our worship
  • Design ways in which the parish can make known their views on worship
  • Oversee the yearly cycle of worship, including the Advent through Epiphany cycle, the Lenten period with its additional services and symbols, as well as the Easter through Pentecost celebrations
  • Monitor the use of music in the parish so that it continually reflects the diversity of the parish
  • Assist the representatives of each of the major worship organizations in discharging their responsibilities.  They include Lectors, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Choir, Altar Guild, Acolytes, and Ushers.

Parishioners with a passion for any or all of these aspects of worship are invited to join the Commission




January 18, 2019



Please join us at the church for services

8:00 & 10:15 am - Holy Eucharist


Sunday School
Preschool - 12th grade

10:15 am in the Community Bldg.


10:00 am - Holy Eucharist in Chapel 

11:00 am - 11th Hour Bible Study

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