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 The Rev. Ann Moczydlowski,

 Ann Moczydlowski (pronounced: Much-a-dwa-skee) was raised in Pennsylvania where she also did her undergraduate work in sociology at Albright College.  While there she met, Bill, her husband.  Prior to the church, Ann has a patchwork of interesting work experiences from the insurance industry to a Diagnostic and Evaluation unit for troubled youth and children, to Ophthalmology.  In her early 20s she was invited to merge her work with special needs people and the business world as Director of Projects with Industry as a job coach, placement specialist, grant writer, and liaison between a sheltered workshop and government contractors.  During the de-institutionalization of the 1980’s, she was invited to open a community living arrangement for women, most of whom had not worked in the community for decades.  Healing is a long-time area of study and application for Ann.

She studied the bible, pastoral care and spiritual direction at Lancaster Theological Seminary, pausing for a decade to raise 2 wonderful children, teach and serve in other leadership positions within her church. She entered the process for priesthood and in 1997 moved to the metro area to return to her love of learning at Virginia Seminary.


The most dynamic of her learning experiences were in bible – with Dr. Katherine Grieb and Dr. Ellen Davis - and field education with the ecumenical “Church of the Saviour” in Washington, DC where she learned about church growth in powerful ways. After serving in a multicultural parish in Silver Spring Ann did some intentional study of various models of church around the country that were powerfully life giving to both their members and the wider community.  Her call is to use this experience of studying vibrant small churches to assist churches in the Episcopal tradition to grow in energetic ways that are inclusive of all people.

She has served in several Episcopal Churches as assistant, associate and rector and is delighted to serve with and among the good people of Transfiguration Parish as “Our priest in partnership!” 


Julie II

 Deacon Julie Petersmeyer

Julie was ordained by Bishop Mariann Budde in the Diocese’s first diaconal cohort on September 30, 2017. Julie’s role as a deacon is to serve as a bridge between the world  and the church. She seeks to bring the needs and concerns of the world to the parish  and to encourage parishioners to engage in outreach and advocacy.  Julie assists  parishioners in discerning their individual calls to servant ministry and seeks to develop collaborative ministries with Episcopal parishes and other faith communities. At worship Julie models servant ministry by setting the table for the priest at Eucharist; she connects the needs of the world to the church by reading the Gospel and inviting the confession; and at the dismissal Julie sends the people out into the world to love and serve God. During the week Julie is involved in prison ministry and advocacy. She has been involved in prison ministry for fifteen years and she currently serves as a chaplain at the DC Jail. She is active member of ReThink Justice DC – a community advocacy coalition that is committed to reshaping criminal justice in DC.  Julie received her M.Div. from Wesley Theological Seminary in 2003 and completed Clinical Pastoral Education at Sibley Hospital.  In 2017, Julie and Gregg and celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary; they have four children and six glorious grandchildren.


Elton_King_webDirector of Music

Elton King - In a single moment music at Transfiguration was transformed. At the invitation of a parishioner, Elton visited Transfiguration and quietly found himself a seat in the choir loft. Midway through the service as the congregation began to sing the most wonderful music came from the loft.  The Rector strained to see what was going on as the congregation swung their heads around to try to see what was happening. Their answer was that Elton had begun to play. 30 years later, we are blessed with his sharing of his musical gifts, his wonderful, kind and generous spirit.  



Parish Administrator

Dianne Atkins, Parish Administrator, came to Transfiguration after a career as a consultant working for companies that interacted with government agencies such as BATF, USDA and USTPO. Her work entailed product formulation approval, service and trademark searches and applications. She worked on the development of well-known product names like Doritos and WindJammer Cruises. She also worked for Martin Marietta data systems as an executive secretary. At Transfiguration, she functions as parish adminstrator, office manager, and go-to person for the congregation, clergy, wardens, staff and tenant groups. In what spare time she has, she spins fiber and knits the yarn she creates, exhibting her craft at Sheep to Shawl competitions. She is blessed with 2 grandchildren and one very large Great Pyrenees, Aristotle. Her smile is contagious and her extraordinary care of Transfiguration is above the call of duty.


















November 19, 2019



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