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Dear Friends in Christ,


As we prepare to pledge support to our parish in 2019, we have hopes and plans for continuing growth in our ministries and missions, for calling a rector who will nurture us, and for developing an active youth program.

This year especially, as the Remnant Seventh Day Adventists move to their own building after sharing with us for nine years, we each need to open our hearts to what God calls us to pledge in the way of treasure, time and talent to Transfiguration.

As people of God, we have an obligation to reflect on who we are, where we have been, where we are going, our connection to God, and how we can make a difference in God’s world. We also have an obligation to hear God’s call in our lives and respond. A heart-felt desire to support God’s church is a part of our purpose as well as our individual duty. Our response shows how one’s own hopes and dreams are bound up with God’s hopes and dreams for all of us. Our hopes and dreams are always worth the investment in Transfiguration where our ministries, indeed our lives, can come to life.

It is the hope of your Vestry, and of your Generosity and Stewardship Team, that each of us would pledge generously to Transfiguration. Pledging helps define who we are and whose we are. Our ministry to God, the church, and the world defines us even more. Such commitment inspires, honors, blesses others, blesses us, and blesses God. The ministry of Transfiguration is important to us all.

It is especially important this year, as we search for the leadership of a new Rector, for us to bless ourselves, others, and God with our pledge of time, talent, and treasure. We must fully commit ourselves and take this step, truly a leap of faith, together to make the calling of a new Rector possible and to make the Kingdom of God grow in the hearts of many.

You may pledge by:

1) click Donate; or

2) complete the Giving Card found in the church, or online and mail or place it in the alms basin on Sunday; or

3) download the GIVI app (Apple store or Google play) and you will not only be able to pledge, but also make other donations from your phone or tablet at your convenience.


Thank you all for being such a blessing to Our Parish.


2019 Card


Time & Talent Test

How can you participate at Transfiguration? Take the Time and Talent Test!

Do you feel under-appreciated at work, at home or in the community—who doesn't at times? Let Transfiguration help and help us at the same time! Take the following "test" to see how your God-given gifts can benefit your spiritual well being and provide a wonderful fellowship experience at the same time.

Follow your bliss—do what comes easily to you. Or, take on a challenge knowing that there are lots of people around to join in with you. There are lots of opportunities to grow in parish life. Gratitude and camaraderie are guaranteed. It's easy, fun and won't take too much time to answer the following questions and be surprised to find new prospects for your talents. You will love the results!

Then once you have determined where you can contribute your time and talent, complete the Time and Talent Card and mail it to the church office or drop it off in the collection plate or with an usher on Sunday.


Which statements are true about you? Circle the ones that apply and then just match the number in the answer section. You are guaranteed to find at least one match—but the more matches you make, the better you will feel.



  • People are always asking for my recipes or at least some of my recipes.
  • My garden is the envy of my neighbors, and I enjoy putting my precious time into it.
  • Pavarotti and Denise Graves fear the competition that I offer when I sing.
  • Praying with others soothes my soul.
  • People say I am a good listener.
  • I feel good about helping people.
  • Kids are the greatest—they grow from what they learn at church as well as at home and school.
  • Reading and discussing books excite me.
  • Let's party! I'm a fabulous host/hostess.
  • I strive to create a sanctuary in my home despite the many distractions of modern life.
  • After sitting at a desk or computer all week, unleash me outdoors or on some form of physical activity!
  • I enjoy speaking before groups.
  • Give me a worthy cause and I will get fired up.
  • Teens are the most fascinating (and challenging) people.
  • I'm an architecture/preservation buff.
  • I don't mind responding to "honey do" lists around the house and yard.
  • My curiosity often gets the best of me.
  • Are people in awe of how you keep your active life in order?
  • I would make a good telemarketer and/or lobbyist for the right cause.
  • I find working with senior citizens very fulfilling.
  • I'm shy about public speaking, but wonderful at reading out loud.
  • I enjoy the fellowship of adults.
  • I actually enjoy working with computers.
  • Talk, talk, talk — I love getting to know people.
  • Helping the poor is what a church is all about.
  • I have trouble putting names with faces, but I work at it.
  • I'd like my kids to participate in the church liturgy.
  • Writing is my preferred mode of communication.
  • I come to church because I yearn for a spiritual community.


  • You are perfect for coffee hour, special luncheons, progressive dinners, etc.
  • Your churchyard is crying out for a green thumb—or just somebody to weed!
  • Choir beckons—serenade your music director and make a joyful noise.
  • Investigate prayer opportunities at Transfiguration.
  • Everyone needs a friend and confidante—consider volunteering time for pastoral care.
  • Work with Shepherd's Table, C-4 Clothes or Toy Closet, or parishioners in need.
  • Eenie, meenie, minee, moe—nursery or Sunday School? Offer tutoring services.
  • Participate in the Bible study program. Consider starting or participating in a monthly book club.
  • Organizing or participating in church festivals, fellowship dinners, picnics, etc., is just right for you.
  • Join the Altar Guild.
  • Lend a hand at outdoor projects or indoor maintenance activities.
  • Get involved with a committee that works on community related social issues; volunteer to be Master of Ceremonies at special events.
  • Join fundraising & capital campaign programs. Work with the Eastern Montgomery Emergency Assistance Network or Action In Montgomery. Volunteer as a delegate to the Diocesan Convention, or jump in to help in emergency or disaster relief operations.
  • Our Youth Leader can hook you up for an awesome time. Get your teenaged children involved in the Youth Group.
  • Help out in the church office or library. Work on scrapbooks and church history projects.
  • Offer to work on building and ground maintenance and improvement projects—just like home!
  • Adult learning and participating options abound - find out who you can help. Those same skills could be used to organize a special event, fundraiser or function at the church.
  • Join the marketing committee or participate in a fundraising activity.
  • Volunteer for a community program for the elderly or provide transportation/food services to parishioners who are in need.
  • Sign up to become a Lector.
  • Become active in Transfiguration's ECW, TMG, or 55+ Group.
  • Join the Communications group that maintains our web site and does other computer-related work. Offer to teach or attend a learner's group class. Greeters who love to smile and volunteers to welcome newcomers are always in style.
  • Become active in Transfiguration's Service programs.
  • Vote in an upcoming parish survey that includes a question on use of name tags at church functions.
  • Volunteer to work at the C-4 Clothes Closet.
  • Become a greeter after Sunday Services.
  • Introduce your children to Transfiguration's acolyte program.
  • Volunteer to work on input material for parish newsletters, bulletins, and web site. Help write/edit materials for special campaigns, such as the annual stewardship drive.
  • Using just one of your talents or interests at church will make you feel connected to the Transfiguration community. Get involved—you will love it!

Remember, there is no way to fail this test! Be proud of your talents and be confident enough to share them with other parishioners and the community. Feel the gratification that comes from offering your precious time to Transfiguration's programs. Experience growth and fulfillment from trying something new. Sharing these gifts makes you who you are—a unique child of God.

1 - 5 matches: Welcome aboard! You are doing great. Newcomers, quiet types, those testing the waters, and the otherwise committed will find fulfillment here.

6-10 matches: You are finding your niche! No longer hiding your light under a bushel, you are sharing your gifts with a grateful community and learning from the experience.

11 - 15 matches: Surprising or not, you score on multitasking! A little bit here and a little bit there. It all adds up to a great experience - for you and for Transfiguration's parish community. Over

15 matches: Congratulations! You are a born leader and a talent treasure chest! Thanks for taking the test. It didn't hurt a bit, did it?

Now all that's left to do is to complete the Time and Talent Card [pdf] and mail it to the church office or drop it off in the collection plate or with an usher on Sunday. We look forward to working together with you and sharing your time and talent with Transfiguration.


November 19, 2019



Please join us at the church for services

8:00 & 10:15 am - Holy Eucharist


Nov. 24- one service at 9:30 a.m.

Farewell service for Rev. Ann

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Preschool - 12th grade

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